The videos reproduced in this page were created by Alessandro Di Puccio for the realization of performances that act simultaneously on two artistic levels, that of the concert held by musicians from different musical fields and that of the projection of photographic and pictorial images recomposed and forged by digital processing and film editing. Di Puccio's intent is to evoke emotions that take us far away, like in a 1960's cinema or in a dusty artist's atélier, but packed in an evolved and contemporary packaging that does not imply any melancholy suggestion but, on the contrary, recalls contemporaneity, the fusion of horizons. The communicative path that is created is strong of the double impact - visual and musical - which leads not to a demarcation between the two arts but just to an overcoming of boundaries. Music interacts with the visual path born from concrete images that transmute into dreamlike paintings: female figures, landscapes, cities, animals from the subjects of a portrait become symbols and metaphors. With the live performance also enriched by electronic bases, the mixture of analogical and electronic sounds becomes the mirror of what happens with the images in which original paintings and photographs, while remaining recognizable, are reshaped and recreated by a digital treatment.Visions and sounds are recreated and renewed thanks to an original and refined amalgam.
Cinematic photos by Alessandro Visconti. Video editing and music by Alessandro Di Puccio